Call for Proposals

We’re opening a total of 10-12 speaker slots. Talks are either 15, 30 or 45 minutes long, including Q&A.

Rust is a new language so all papers are welcome. If you have been working on something for only 6 months, but it’s interesting, then apply!

Where do I head to?

Read the Submission Guide and submit.

In the first instance our CFP selection process is based only on title and abstract. To ensure we don’t follow our own biases, if someone knows the author behind a specifical proposal, they’ll recuse themselves from judging that one in the first instance.


Rustfest has a Mentorship program. You will have a mentor assigned to you for your talk. See our Mentorship Guide for details. To register as a mentor, just sign up and tick the box in your profile.

Some ideas

Check out this Rust Community Talks repository for inspiration. Aside from looking at what other people have requested, here are some ideas:

We will give more details once CFP opens.

What we cover if you are selected

Your Ticket

The ticket is included if you are presenting, of course. However, for everyone else who applied we will reserve a batch of tickets at the lowest regular price (89€) for a limited time after. So don’t worry about not getting a ticket if you are not accepted!

Still unsure?

Have ideas but aren’t clear if they’d fit, or want some help with your proposal before submitting, please email us at and we’ll happily provide feedback and support where we can!

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