RustFest 2017 - Schedule

Sunday, 30th April

aka "Talks, Talks, Talks"

Location: Mercur Congress Center @ Cosmopolite Kyiv.
Take the entrance to the cinema and take the lift to the 5th floor.

0800 Registration opens
0845 Welcome & Housekeeping
Steve Klabnik
0900 Keynote: "Open" as in "Welcoming": Facilitating Contributions
Manish Goregaokar
0935 The Illustrated Adventure Survival Guide for New Rustaceans
Lee Baillie
1010 Taking Rust to Production: Lessons Learned From the Habitat Project
Fletcher Nichol
1040 Break
1055 Building SSH servers in minutes
Pierre-Étienne Meunier
1130 How I Convinced the World’s Largest Package Manager to Use Rust, and So Can You!
Ashley Williams
1205 Writing Idiomatic Libraries in Rust
Pascal Hertleif
1235 Lunch Break
1340 Making a game in Rust
1400 GStreamer & Rust – A perfect match
Sebastian Dröge Luis de Bethencourt
1435 Sōzu, a hot reconfigurable reverse HTTP proxy
Geoffroy Couprie
1515 Coffee Break
1530 Interaction with real-world JavaScript from compiled Rust
Ingvar Stepanyan
1610 vagga - containerization without daemons
Paul Colomiets
1700 Keynote: Spreading The Rust
Emily Dunham
1745 Closing